Market Mastery: Accelerate Your Career with the Best MBA Marketing Programs

Ever wondered what makes a Master’s in Business Administration – MBA, the most sought-after program for Post-Graduation studies? For various solid reasons, we tend to compare an MBA and Masters when an MBA is a Master’s degree too! Well, the answer lies in the benefits one receives from this particular Masters degree and the curriculum that sets it apart from pursuing any other Masters degree. Some of the Major purposes of pursuing an MBA are:

Developing Managerial Skills

Higher Salary Package

Networking Opportunities


Better Job Prospects and Promotions

Subject Specialisation

and many more!

Well, now you may ask whether a Masters specification does not provide you with the same results? A Masters specification helps you with deeper theoretical knowledge of the subject and insights from everything that has been done. However, MBA syllabus such as the MBA Marketing syllabus allows you to learn insights and not just gain knowledge about the market, practise for yourself and not just understand the recent developments in the industry as well as it teaches to form strategies from the past successful strategies. An MBA expands your career to acquire Managerial skills required to soar for the higher roles in any organisation. It allows for networking with present industry experts and domain leaders as a part of the curriculum, thus many professionals go back to pursuing an MBA even after years of service and work.

So, what are some must-haves in an MBA in marketing program? Some of the things you should not compromise on while choosing your school for MBA are:


As per the industry you want to work in, the MBA should offer specifications in the subject. This not only gives you practical learning access but also helps in availing other benefits such as networking with the right people for your growth, opportunities to interact with subject-relevant domain leaders, etc. Programs Page

At Imperial School of Banking and Management Studies, we offer 2 specialized MBA programs:

  1. ) MBA Finance + PGP in Banking & Finance + CISI Certification

(Proposed PGDM)

     2. ) MBA Marketing + PGP in Marketing + IIM Indore Certification

(Proposed PGDM)

Practical Learning:

Practical Learning refers to the kind of opportunities the mba college in pune creates to encourage you to perform trial and errors. It’s about the platforms available to experiment with your learnings from the classroom. It is an added value, the organization is providing for learning experiences outside the classroom! It could be supported through Guest Sessions with industry experts, Internship Opportunities, Mentorship, Live Projects and 50% Practical Learning Curriculum just as the 12 additional benefits an MBA program in Marketing at ISBM brings to the students! We also provide CISI Certification and IIM Indore Certification for your Marketing and Finance MBA students respectively!

Check them out here!

Placement Opportunities:

A good MBA institution focuses on pushing the best opportunities to their students. Placements drive a big chunk of this push! Excellent institutions like Imperial have 50+ collaborations with [

 Market Mastery: Accelerate Your Career with the Best MBA sales and Marketing Programs] [ ] that provide maximum student placements. This gives them a boost for better job prospects, higher salaries and easy transitioning from a student to working individual.


Goes without saying, however, checking for the qualifications and achievements of the faculty who will be guiding and mentoring you is of utmost importance! Without profound understanding of the subjects and brilliant teaching skills, you might not make the most of the degree!

Extracurricular Events:

An MBA program is meant to make you a better version of yourself. Along with Managerial skills and knowledge development, your personality as an individual should improve too! Developing a sense of humour, patience, charisma, a listening ear, observation and analysis are some things that cannot be taught but learnt by self-evaluation. However, an educational institute must create opportunities for students through extracurricular events and campus interactions to hone these life skills. Thus, a lively campus and splurging on events that are relevant to the subjects will definitely make better leaders!

If you’re looking for one of the best MBA in Marketing and Finance programs in the country, don’t forget to put IMPERIAL on your list! Website


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